Production: Shot Shot Shot
Direction: Daniel Bauer
Producer: Kerstin Geder
2D Animation: Bettina Pacher
3D Animation: Marco Russo, Gerfried Hecke 
Compositing & Grading: Gerfried Hecke
Interns: Yasaman Hasani, Dina El Heliebi
DoP: Gerfried Guggi
Sound: Christofer Frank

At this project I worked closely together with the 3D artist. The task was to create an agile presentation of the prototype, while keeping the animations as simple as possible. Creating an animatic was the first way to start. I was also involved by doing the 3d animations. All shots were composited with AE.

nuki (04682)nuki (04682)
nuki (02962)nuki (02962)
nuki (04842)nuki (04842)